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In 1906 the founder of Honda, Mr. Soichiro Honda, was born. With experience as a mechanic and a desire for improved performance of motor vehicles, Honda soon began to create and manufacture a wide range of motorized and mechanical components beginning with the A-type bicycle engine in 1947. In 1948 the Honda Motor Company Ltd. was established.

Initially famous for the Honda Motorcycle, first produced in 1949, it wasn't until 1963 that the first light truck was produced as well as the first Honda sports car, the S500 and released in Japan.

In 1965, the Honda S600 roadster was exported into the US, and in 1966 the Honda mini-compact with air-cooled engine is released.

In 1972 the well known and recognizable Honda Civic debuts and in 1973 the CVCC engine complies with Clean Air Amendments for 1975. For 1976, the Honda Accord arrived in the U.S. and quickly became the best selling compact. In 1977 the Honda Civic ranks first in U.S. fuel-economy tests for fourth consecutive year and in 1978 the Honda Prelude debuts.

In the late 1980's Honda introduced its Acura line of cars to compete in the upscale luxury market. They started with the Legend, Integra and later introduced the ultimate sports car called the NSX.

Throughout the 1990's, safety conscious Honda vehicles continue to win awards for fuel consumption and emissions reduction. Always looking towards the future and conscious of the environment, Honda was the first to win the World Solar Race in 1993 and continues to produce innovative designs using alternative energy such as electric and hybrid vehicles.

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Honda Accord
(1976 to Current)
Honda Civic
(1973 to Current)
Honda CRV
(1997 to Current)
Honda Civic CRX
(1984 to 1991)
Honda Del Sol
(1993 to 1997)
Del Sol
Honda Element
(2003 to Current)
Honda Insight
(2000 to Current)
Honda Odyssey
(1995 to Current)
Honda Pilot
(2003 to Current)
Honda Prelude
(1979 to 2001)
Honda S2000
(2000 to Current)

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