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Bulldog Prototype
Where are the things you want to do? Where are the things you want to see? For sure, they are not all on the Internet. Some things you must go and find for yourself in the real world. When you are looking for new territory, BULLDOG-a search engine sport utility vehicle-is designed to get you there fast. Whether you are just going into town or planning a longer trip, this machine gives you access to all kinds of terrain. It even has a motorcycle on board. BULLDOG runs with ease over all ground conditions, giving you limitless freedom to go wherever you want to go. BULLDOG-the sport-utility vehicle that makes searching the real world as easy as Net surfing.

Bulldog Concept Vehicle

Dualnote Concept Vehicle
Dualnote Prototype
The future form of the sports car-DUALNOTE. Honda's vision of the future of sports-minded driving involves taking the load off the driver. We believe that anyone should be able to experience the exhilaration and joy of a purpose-built sports car without the demand for sophisticated driving techniques. Our solution is this totally new, mid-engine 4-seater sports car.
The DUALNOTE concept combines these two seemingly contradictory values into a stunning new vehicle offering dynamic performance, environment-friendliness and safety. With its superb driveability, DUALNOTE responds faithfully to the driver's intentions in all situations, allowing it to break new ground in sports-minded motoring. Once again, Honda offers a whole new style of driving exhilaration.
S-U-U Prototype
In the SUU, Hondas "global small platform" combines
the easy handling of a compact car with the utility of a minivan. Three rows of seats and clever use of space assure that passengers ride in comfort. In addition, long-slide adjustment quickly creates a space for all aboard to chat with ease
and allows for easy loading of large items.
This is the second edition of the SMALLl MAX series-delivering driving comfort and flexible utility.

S-U-U Concept Vehicle

W-I-C Concept Vehicle
W-I-C Prototype
People today are becoming much choosier about the design of things. From clothing to watches, bags and more, people are looking for a certain ambience in the things they select for purchase. The wic addresses this need of today's discerning consumer. The essential points of wic are the plain design that easily adapts to the style of your liking, and its no-frills utility "box" packaging. The interior has a home-like, livable feel, with simple seats and other fittings designed to maintain comfort for travelers. People who would choose wic are not so much concerned with specifications. They are looking for tone and ambience. And the tone of this car is not flashy; it is cool and fashionable.
UNIBOX Protoype
Use the car for more freedom in communication and more pleasure in life. This is the concept that gave birth to the idea of a Multi Life Terminal-the UNIBOX. This fully modular, panel and truss-frame, one-box design features panels and doors designed for the ultimate in efficient use of storage space. The interior achieves a wide-open feeling that encourages people to chat in comfort, offering new pleasure through communication while on the road. And Honda fun shines through in the amenities: UNIBOX can transform into a cafe a listening room, and more. There are just so many ways you can use and enjoy this mobile fun space.

UNIBOX Concept Vehicle

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Studio E
Element Concept

The Sprocket Concept Vehicle

The Sprocket Concept Vehicle